• A beautiful gift box containing three exceptional Grand Cru wines, from different French vineyards all of great repute.

    1 x 100ml Château Coutet - Saint Emilion Grand Cru
    1 x 100ml Château Le Chatelet - Saint Emilion Grand Cru
    1 x 100ml Château Bellerose Figeac - Saint Emilion Grand Cru

  • This gorgeous gift box offers 4 exceptional Grand Cru wines from the magnificent vineyards of the Bordeaux area.

    1 x 100ml Château Beychevelle
    1 x 100ml Château Kirwan
    1 x 100ml Château Guiraud
    1 x 100ml Château Latour-Martillac

  • An invitation to travel and enjoy a glass of 4 Great Rums of the World: Trinidad (Angostura 1919), Mauritius (Arcane Extraroma), Guatemala (Botran Reserva), Dominican Republic (Ron Barcelo Imperial).

    • 1 x 100 ml ANGOSTURA 1919 (Trinidad)
    • 1 x 100 ml BOTRAN RESERVA (Guatemala)
    • 1 x 100 ml ARCANE EXTRAROMA (Mauritius Island)
    • 1 x 100 ml RON BARCELO IMPERIAL (Dominican Republic)
  • This elegant gift box is produced by the Georges Michel Wine Estate in Marlborough, New Zealand. The grape mac spirit is mainly made from Pinot Noir pressings after the harvest. The fermenting skins or must ( “marc” in French ) is kept in vats before being double distilled in their winery’s 40 year old copper still. This spirit in tube contains 42% Alc/Vol.

    • 3 x 60 ml Legend - Spirit of New Zealand
  • This stunning gift box contains 4 x 40ml whisky tubes from Scotland and two glasses. The whiskies range from 45% to %47 alc/vol. A perfect gift for men!

    • 1 x 40 ml BRUICHLADDICH Laddie Classic Scottish Barley
    • 1 x 40 ml SPRINGBANK 10 yrs
    • 1 x 40 ml TAMDHU 10 yrs
    • 1 x 40 ml DEANSTON 12 yrs
  •  A superb tasting box with 4 famous Whiskies Single Malt from Scotland: Toiteach Bunnahabhain, Tobermory (10 years), Springbank (10 years), Glengoyne (10 years), and two Warm tasting glasses for a great moment of tasting. Essential to true whisky lovers …

    Contains 4x100ml from 40 to 46,3% Alc/vol. with two glasses.

    • 1 x 100 ml SPRINGBANK 10 yrs
    • 1 x 100 ml TOBERMORY 10 YRS
    • 1 x 100 ml GLENGOYNE 10 YRS
  • A gift box to stun the senses as you savour France and taste wines from some of the best wine regions. The selected wines are all from committed organic growers who continue this ethic throughout the wine making process. The wines embrace all the wines that France is famous for, from the rich reds, the rosé, the delicate whites through to the sought after gems such as the château La Rose Figeac and Domaine Pichat Cote Rotie. Each region has its own unique flavour and these boxed wines offer some of them.

    1 x 100 ml Domaine de la Bongran 2004 Cuvée (White Wine)

    1 x 100 ml Mas de Carrat  2009 Cuvée Rosé (Rosé Wine)

    1 x 100 ml Domain Canet-Vallette Maghani  Cuvée 2007 (Red Wine)

    1 x 100 ml Domaine Pichat “Champon” Cote Rotie 2010 (Red Wine)

    1 x 100 ml Château La Rose-Figeac Pomerol Cuvée 2007 (Red Wine)

  • In 2008, this domain became organic, gaining certification in 2011. Five generations of the Habrard family have lovingly tended this vineyard and at present it is Laurent Habrard who manages the estate. The tasting box on offer reveals the great heritage and taste traditions of the family. The vineyard comprises 35 hectares of beautiful land, situated in The Côtes du Rhône region of France. The characteristic vibrancy of the Croze-Hermitage, Hermitage and St. Joseph labels are here to taste: 

    1 x 100ml Domaine Habrard Hermitage
    1 x 100ml Domaine Habrard Crozes-Hermitage Red
    1 x 100ml Domaine Habrard Saint-Joseph

  • Sweet wines of France are contained in a wonderful box, wines from different regions of this diverse country. Five gorgeous dessert wines are here, examples from the Loire region, from the famous wine region of Bordeaux and from the slopes of the Midi Pyrenées. Experience the pleasure of tasting the character of these different areas of France, which produces some of the world's finest wines.

    1 x 100ml Domaine Dittiere Bonnezeaux (White Wine)
    1 x 100ml Chateau Rabaud Promis (White Wine)
    1 x 100ml Chateau de Myrat (White Wine)
    1 x 100ml Domaine de la Roche Moreau (White Wine)
    1 x 100ml Domaine de la Rectorie (Red Wine)

  • Château SUAU offers a delightful gift box of fine wines for your certain pleasure. The estate is situated in the heart of the Bordeaux region and Château SUAU has undergone much improvement since 1986, with new approaches to organic wine-growing which necessitated new equipment and marketing strategies. A new identity and character have emerged since the owners, the Bonnet de Mazamet family, made the changes. The Wine in Tube contained in the box are all Appellation Côtes de Bordeaux controlée.

    1 x 100ml Château SUAU Cadillac
    1 x 100ml Château SUAU Cotes de Bordeaux
    1 x 100ml Château SUAU Cuvee L’Artolie