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In 2008, this domain became organic, gaining certification in 2011. Five generations of the Habrard family have lovingly tended this vineyard and at present it is Laurent Habrard who manages the estate. The tasting box on offer reveals the great heritage and taste traditions of the family. The vineyard comprises 35 hectares of beautiful land, situated in The Côtes du Rhône region of France. The characteristic vibrancy of the Croze-Hermitage, Hermitage and St. Joseph labels are here to taste: 

1 x 100ml Domaine Habrard Hermitage
1 x 100ml Domaine Habrard Crozes-Hermitage Red
1 x 100ml Domaine Habrard Saint-Joseph

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Domaine Habrard Crozes-Hermitage - Single Tube Red Wine - Drink in Tube NZ Product

Located in Gervans, in the north part of the Côtes du Rhone region. Now looking over 35 hectares of choice vineyard, over 3 different city councils, Domaine Habrad keeps producing some of the most vibrant and characteristic wines of the Crozes-hermitage, Hermitage, and Saint Joseph appellation area.


Domaine Habrard Hermitage – White

Domaine Habrard Hermitage Cotes du Rhone - Drink in Tube NZThe Habrard Hermitage comes from the best area of the vineyard that has 100 year old vines. “Les Rocoules” are carefully cherished as they are the true character of the domain.

The wine is of a glowing, golden colour, with wonderful ripe fruit fragrances enhanced further by aromas of honey and quince. The full-tasting palate is well-rounded and finely balanced. The white wine WIT Bottle contains 13% vol Alc.

Variety: 100% Marsanne

Food and wine pairing: Foie gras, gratin dauphinois.

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Domaine Habrard Crozes-Hermitage

Domaine Habrard Crozes-Hermitage Red Wine - Cotes du Rhone - Drink in Tube NZThe Crozes-Hermitage is deep cherry in colour with a tantalising aroma of dark berries with slight suggestions of vanilla and caramel that linger on the senses.

The palate is also delighted by the warm vibrancy of the smooth tannins in the generous taste, which results from the harvesting of the mature grape. The red wine WIT Bottle contains 13% vol Alc.

Variety: 100% Syrah

Food and wine pairing: Roasted meats, cheese platter

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Domaine Habrard Saint-Joseph

Domaine Habrard St Joseph - Cotes du Rhone - Drink in Tube NZSaint-Joseph has the unique character of its vine: “La Côte Ste Épine” is a small, carefully preserved area which produces this wine. It offers rich colour leading to pleasing, warm aromas of eucalyptus with slight raspberry and floral notes.

From the first taste, the smooth tannins together with the spicy flavour combine to offer a well-rounded and silky palate. Excellent finish.  The red wine WIT Bottle contains 13% vol Alc.

Variety: 100% Roussane

Food and wine pairing: Braised meats, Coq au vin, Duck Civet, Osso -Bucco 

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Domaine Habrard - Wine in Tube

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