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Sweet wines of France are contained in a wonderful box, wines from different regions of this diverse country. Five gorgeous dessert wines are here, examples from the Loire region, from the famous wine region of Bordeaux and from the slopes of the Midi Pyrenées. Experience the pleasure of tasting the character of these different areas of France, which produces some of the world’s finest wines.

1 x 100ml Domaine Dittiere Bonnezeaux (White Wine)
1 x 100ml Chateau Rabaud Promis (White Wine)
1 x 100ml Chateau de Myrat (White Wine)
1 x 100ml Domaine de la Roche Moreau (White Wine)
1 x 100ml Domaine de la Rectorie (Red Wine)


Chateau Rabaud Promis Sauternes 2007 Grand Cru Classee White Wine in Tube - Drink in Tube NZChateau Rabaud-Promis – Sauternes 2007 – Premier Cru Classe in 1855

This 40 hectare estate is situated 45 minutes from Bordeaux itself, above the Ciron and Garonne valleys. 33 hectares of the Château Rabaud-Promis enjoy a beneficial  Microclimate favouring the production of Sémillon (80%) Sauvignon (18%) and Muscadelle (2%) vines. The Estate has produced fine wines for over 400 years and the present winemakers are proud of the well-balanced and aromatic delights of their product.

The colour is a pleasing deep yellow with golden tones and the aroma is predominantly fruity. Overtones of pineapple and honey are foremost, with notes of nuts and apricots, orange citrus and slightly floral fragrances. Sweetness dominates the palate with a well- rounded texture of opulent tropical fruit tastes with a good fresh finish.

Variety Blend: Semillon, Sauvignon, Muscadelle

Food and wine pairing:  You can enjoy this wine throughout an entire meal from starters to dessert. Scallops starters, caramelised lamb leg, fresh summer fruits salad.


Awards won by this wine:

92/100 Points – Wine Enthusiasts Magazine


Chateau de Myrat – Sauternes 2006 – Grand Cru Classe in 1855

Chateau de Myrat Grand Cru Classee Sauternes White Wine in Tube - Drink in Tube NZThe de Pontac family are the owners of the Château de Myrat which first began producing wine in the early 1700s. The family also own the nearby Château Haut-Brion as well as other notable Bordeaux estates. In the same Bordeaux area are the Château Coutet and the Château Climens. The clay and limestone soils are excellent for vines and the Myrat estate of 30 hectares has 22 hectares planted with Sémillon (88%) Sauvignon Blanc (8%) and Muscadelle (4%) varieties. The vines are still young as the whole vineyard was completely replaced and replanted from 1976 to 1988. The longed-for improvements became apparent in the 1995 vintage and the quality of the sweet white wine is consistent. The Grand Cru Classé white wine WIT Bottle from Château de Myrat is Appellation Sauternes Controlée containing 14% vol Alc

Embark on a journey of taste sensations starting with the lovely colour of this pale golden wine and progressing to the refreshing aroma of zesty citrus. You will then be lured on to taste the generous warm, spiciness of the wine, with its overtones of ripe dark fruits. It is elegant and so well balanced that it would be an enjoyable wine at almost any time of the day to accompany a variety of foods.

Variety Blend: Semillon Sauvignon Blanc et Muscadelle


Awards won by this wine:

91/100 Points – Wine Enthusiasts Magazine


Domaine de la Roche Moreau Quart de Chaume – Loire 2007

Domaine de la Roche Moreau Quart de Chaume Red WineBetween Loire and Layon, situated in the beautiful Loire valley, is the undulating Estate of Domaine de la Roche Moreau, home to the winemakers of the Moreau family for over five generations. In Saint-Aubin de Luignée, they have 22 hectares of stony, clay soil from which they are able to produce wines of all the types found in this Loire region of France. The most renowned among them is the “Chaume” and the “Quart de Chaume” labels. This wine WIT Bottle contains 12% vol Alc.

The eye is immediately attracted to the deep yellow, almost gold colour of the wine and then the aromas of ripe, candied exotic fruits become apparent. The palate is enchanted by the fresh tastes of quince, apricot and honey and it is clear why this elegant and refreshing wine is one of the most revered and sought-after dessert wines.

Variety: 100% Chenin

Food and wine pairing: blue cheese, Desserts, foie gras


Domaine de la Rectorie “Cuvee Leon Parce”- Banyuls

Domaine de la Rectorie Cuvee Leon Parce Banyuls White Wine Prior to Marc and Thierry Parce inheriting the estate in 1976, the yield of each harvest was taken to the cooperative cellar in Banyuls. The Parce brothers extended the estate and then, in 1984, they decided to produce wine under their own label, and using the existing ruined Roman chapel on the estate as part of their name, “la Rectorie”. The mainly schist soils support the vines Black Grenache, Grey Grenache, Carignan, Syrah and Mourvedre which the brothers tend on their historic land.   Banyuls are known as fortified wines: they have high alcohol content and they are produced by a special process.

After a few days of maceration following their harvest, the grapes are prevented from fermenting by the addition of neutral alcohol. The alcohol will absorb the flavour of the grapes over a period of two or three weeks. Strengthening of the wine occurs in this short period and, despite its youth, it shows surprising balance of flavour.The warming aromas of red fruits combined with the smooth, round, fullness of the tannins produces a most delightful wine with the slight touch of tartness that distinguishes it from the sugariness so often apparent in the sweet wines. This WIT Bottle contains 17% vol Alc.

Variety Blend: Black Grenache, Gray Grenache, White Grenache

Food and wine Pairing: Chocolate (The tannins in the chocolate and in the Grenache are a match made in heaven), Gorgonzola cheese and blue cheeses in general, fresh summer fruits.


Domaine Dittiere Bonnezeaux – Coteaux de l’Aubance – Loire 2007

Domaine Dittiere Bonnezeaux Coteaux de l'Aubance White Wine - Drink in Tube NZThe Dittière Estate, situated near Angers, in the Val-de-Loire region, is famed for its ancient castles as well as for its wines. The estate is in the village of Vauchrétien and is home to the Dittière family, where Joel and Bruno have adapted their vineyard for optimum production; they produce some of the most renowned wines of the Côtes de L’Aubance AOC on the 35 hectares that they cultivate.

In 2001 they opened a tasting cellar to welcome tourists, their friends and customers. This white wine WIT Bottle from the Domaine Dittière Bonnezeaux is Appellation Coteaux de L’Aubence Controlée and contains 13.5% vol Alc.

Only 600 bottles of this delectable wine is produced each year. Made from hand picked, selected, late harvest grapes, known as “noble rot”, it is one of the two grands crus wines of Coteaux du Layon. A rich golden colour entices the eye and the senses are charmed by the fragrance of acacia, verbena and orange zest. The palate is then delighted by the sensual flavours of quince, apricot, caramel and more exotic fruits and these flavours will further develop if the wine is laid down; it will keep superbly for up to ten years.

Food and wine pairing: Foie gras, fish in sauce and almond or pear based dessert

Variety: Chenin 30 years old minimum


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