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A gift box to stun the senses as you savour France and taste wines from some of the best wine regions. The selected wines are all from committed organic growers who continue this ethic throughout the wine making process. The wines embrace all the wines that France is famous for, from the rich reds, the rosé, the delicate whites through to the sought after gems such as the château La Rose Figeac and Domaine Pichat Cote Rotie. Each region has its own unique flavour and these boxed wines offer some of them.

1 x 100 ml Domaine de la Bongran 2004 Cuvée (White Wine)

1 x 100 ml Mas de Carrat  2009 Cuvée Rosé (Rosé Wine)

1 x 100 ml Domain Canet-Vallette Maghani  Cuvée 2007 (Red Wine)

1 x 100 ml Domaine Pichat “Champon” Cote Rotie 2010 (Red Wine)

1 x 100 ml Château La Rose-Figeac Pomerol Cuvée 2007 (Red Wine)

In stock


From the sun drenched wines of St Chinian red and Coteaux du Languedoc rose, through the delicate burgundy white, to the world wide acclaimed gems that are château La Rose Figeac (Pomerol AOC) and Domaine Pichat Cote Rotie( Vallee du Rhone Region), discover the gems and the engaged wine makers  that gave those regions their own imprint of authenticity.

Château La Rose-Figeac  Pomerol Cuvée 2007

Chateau La Rose-Figeac Pomerol - Red WinePomerol is one of the most magnificent wine regions in the world and it produces magnificent wines from it. It is a small area of only 30 hectares, situated 30 kilometers to the east of Bordeaux, with soils that are rich in iron oxides that contribute to the wonderful wines of this region. For more than 300 years the Despagne family has owned and managed the vineyard which today is tended by Nicolas and Nathalie Despagne. Château La Rose Figeac is a mere 5.2 hectares with 60 year old vines that are 90% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. An organic approach to their wines has been favoured by the Despagne family since 2006, but there has been no compromise with tradition. Nothing is sterilised or pasteurised and the result is a unique and exceptional wine.

A deep, rich, red colour which leads to an aroma of fresh berry scents with hints of spiciness with floral touches. There is even a faint fragrance of aromatic wood. There is good balance in the palate with well-aged and supple tannins. The wine is good to lay down and will keep well up to 2020.

Varieties Blend: 95% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon
Food and wine pairing: pan seared foie gras , bird game


Domain Canet-Vallette Maghani Cuvée 2007

Domain Canet-Vallette Maghani Saint-Chinian - Red Wine

Marc and SophieVallette have had organic certification for their wines since 1999. They have committed to organic production because they love the land and because they think of future generations. The region neighbours the Haut Languedoc Regional Natural Park and is a fairly harsh climate in which to work, being windy and mountainous.

However, the soft limestone slopes of the region are ideal for the Mourvedre, Syrah and Grenache grape varieties. The wines from the region are unique to it.


This is a wine to keep as it will mature beautifully, as was intended by Marc Vallette who set out to produce such a gem. The colour is a superb purple and there are powerful aromas of leather, musk and grilled meat, which balance well in the mouth to please all the senses. Truly a wine for the connoisseur.

Blend Varieties: Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre
Food and wine pairing: Game, roasted spicy goose, Coq au vin


Domaine Pichat “Champon” Cote-Rotie Red 2010

Domaine Pichat Champon Cote-Rotie - Red WineThe Cote-Rotie region has very specialised areas which each have their own names. Champon is one of these small sections of the Domain Pichat, which started to produce its wines in 2000. The owner is Stephane Pichat who successfully applies his work methods to make use of the different soil types in order to grow the best grapes.

The Cuvée Champon 2010 is produced from grapes from 3 distinct sections: Champon, Cognet and Plomb. The result is a unique wine.


The colour is a deep garnet with hints of violet. Fruity aromas of  currants and raspberries are the initial nose, with spices and violet undertones, ending with peach, apricot and vanilla. The taste is a generous and rounded, smoothly suggestive of chocolate and coffee flavours, but well-balanced and structured for enjoyment by discerning taste buds.

Varieties Blend: Syrah 98% and 2% Viognier
Food and wine pairing: Red meat, Game, chocolate cake


Mas de Carrat  2009 Cuvée Rosé

Mas de Carrat - Rose WineThe estate of Mas de Carrat is over 28 hectares located in the southern Languedoc-Rousillon region of France. The owner is Sandrine Mialanes who produces wines from Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Carignan grapes. The land is ideal for grape production, being sandstone and gravel largely, which favour grapes allowing them to mature well. The delicate rose-colour first attracts the attention, with its soft pinkness touched with a silvery reflection.

The alluring sweet scents of summery flowers assail the senses, followed by deeper scents of berries. The taste is a delightful, fresh and clean sensation, which continues to please.

Variety Blend: 60% Grenache, 30% Mourvedre, 10% Syrah        
Food and wine pairing: Grilled rack of Lamb, a strawberry soup or a pissaladiere (caramelised onions and anchovies tart)



Domaine de la Bongran 2004 Cuvée

Domaine de la Bongran Burgundy White WineThis domain of over 15 hectares is situated on the lower slopes of the “Côteaux de Quintaine”. It is today worked by Jean Thevenet and has been a family estate for over 500 years, which makes it one of France’s oldest vineyards. The soils, marls and limestone, render it particularly suitable for growing Chardonnay and this is the only variety grown here.   

This Chardonnay is an exceptional example of its type, with a clear, light colour. The aroma is powerful, starting with floral and citrus scents progressing to a mildly smoky fragrance. The first taste is honeyed sweetness, but this is dispelled by a sharper mineral flavour and the blend becomes perfect. The ageing of this wine is carried out without the use of oak casks and the result is superb. It may be kept and will be good to drink for up to 4 years.

Variety Blend:  100% Chardonnay
Food and wine pairing: Grilled fish, Fennel, endives and prawns salad, Citruses soup



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